About Us

We're passionate about one thing... Your success

Our mission is to bring quality stream elements to you at an actually affordable price.

Have you ever seen a beautiful overlay and thought, "That's it! That's exactly what I need!" and then saw it was $50 for just the base overlay? Well here at MulberryEvening Studios that amount would get you an entire streamer package and we offer payment plans, subscriber discounts, and more!

We are here to make streaming available to all who want to become a streamer.

Meet the Team


Mulberry, Graphic Designer & Entertainer
A disabled, cat-obsessed pharmacy technician with too much time and not enough money; Mulberry decided to put entertain the masses on Twitch with her recently acquired endless spare time.

Upon seeing the boring free overlay options Mulberry taught herself how to make overlays and decided to share them as an affordable option for fellow streamers!


Keirdan Jenson, SFX Artist
Keirdan, also known as AudioDread, is a fantastically spooky SFX Artist. He is the mastermind behind our custom alerts and also sells his sound effects here.

If you have any questions about sound effects feel free to contact him directly at audiodreadofficial@gmail.com


TBD, Artist
Fill out a contact form and join us as our resident artist today!

Profits are split based on commissions.

Get in touch, let's have a coffee together & talk abot your project

Contact us today to discuss your brand design and exactly what you're looking for. We'd love to get to know you and become your team!

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